Projector on Rent in Gurgaon

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Projector on Rent in Gurgaon

By holding a good knowledge of the industry, NexGen Audio Visual is adept at formulating the best Projector on Rent in Gurgaon that reflect our honesty and trustworthiness. We are well-versed in today's demand and thus, designed the best-suited technology to meet every client’s requirement. By delivering the state of the art Projectors on Rent in Gurgaon and supporting your event with the best Audio and Visual Rental Services, we stand tall in our line of expertise.

In the contemporary world where pricey equipment has created a stir among people, Rental Services in Gurgaon took a surge, which is why, Renting out Projectors seems to be a need of an hour. Besides saving your hard-earned bucks, it also promises quality. So, if you are planning to host a grand event or know someone who is planning to do so, do connect with us! We are pleased to announce that we gratify our customers with the best Rental Projectors so that they will not face any sort of hassle during the event.

Types of Projector Rental Services we offer in Gurgaon

In order to provide an end to end rental solution, we, at NexGen Audio Visual have extended its gamut of offerings so that our client would save themselves from last- minute hassles. With a stronger footprint, we believe in leaving imprints in our clients’ life by our ethical approach. We offer a complete package of Projector Rental Services in Gurgaon, and also committed to providing a complete solution of renting out projectors, accessories, and their installation during the event.

Overhead Projections: This installation is majorly preferred by educational centers such as schools, colleges, and training centers where teachers are required to teach students by the means of presentations. It is usually worked on a transparent sheet.
Tripod Projections: This is mainly opted by those organizations which keep hosting events at a remote location. In this assortment, projection is usually performed at a screen that is installed on the tripod.
Pull Down Projections: This is usually pre-installed in auditoriums and classrooms as it saves space as the screen can be rolled up.
Eyelet Projections: This type of setup is majorly designed for outdoor events such as parties, fairs, concerts or marriage events where the live coverage is shown to the public gathered there. In this type of projection, it is mounted at a spot so that a broader group of audiences can watch the event.

Hire NexGen Audio Visual for rental Projectors in Gurgaon

Gurgaon, being the prime spot in the capital region, continues to witness a large number of events in the last few decades. It is an underlying fact that Gurgaon comes in the vicinity of Delhi NCR which is the aviation hub of India. This is why Gurgaon is the most trending spot for organizing events. By keeping a hold on an array of knowledge about this industry, we obliged to offer the best Audio and visual Rental Services in Gurgaon by upgrading our set of services and refining our mode of approach. Our services are majorly centered on the following:

  • Medical Conferences
  • Marriages or Parties
  • Outdoor Events
  • Musical Concerts
  • Schools or Colleges
  • Official Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Corporate Conferences

Besides Renting Projectors, we are also pleased to announce that we provide all- round client support in repairing and installation of all types of projectors. So get in touch with us if you are looking for such services.

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Projector on Rent in Gurgaon

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What are the Brands that we offer?

To meet the customers' demand and strengthen our bond, it is important to offer the best brand that will eliminate all sorts of hassles during the event. We have all the latest versions of projectors with high luminosity and clear projection and thus, we will certainly brighten up the mood of the event regardless of its size.

  • Hitachi
  • LG
  • Infocus
  • Epson
  • Dell
  • Benq
  • Sony

Types of Projectors that we offer:

As each type of event demands a different set of equipment and according to the event that you are planning to host, we have a wisely assorted service to suit your needs. Being well-equipped with the latest technologies and latest models of projectors, we have certainly lived up to the reputation of the most preferred Rental companies in Gurgaon for availing projectors. Below are the brands that we offer:

  • HD Projectors
  • Full HD Projectors
  • Projector Lamps
  • LCD Projectors
  • DLP Projectors
  • 3D Projectors

Specification of our Projector Rental Services that we offer in Gurgaon:

Being the leading Projector rental company in Gurgaon, we offer the projectors that cover features which are as follows:

Sizes that we offer in Gurgaon for projectors on rent:
  • 4X6 Inches
  • 6X8 Inches
  • 8X10 Inches
  • 9X12 Inches
Our projectors available on rent have these ports
  • USB Port
  • VGA Port
  • SGVA Port
  • HDMI Port
Our rental projectors offer these range of lumens
  • 2500 Lumen
  • 2700 Lumen
  • 2800 Lumen
  • 3000 Lumen
  • 3200 Lumen

It is important to choose the right kind of service for Projectors on Rent if you do not want to take any risk. Market options may confuse you but choosing the ideal Rental Services in Gurgaon will only take a little effort. The first and foremost thing is to try to accumulate knowledge about projectors and equipment and to do this, conduct research on your own. Availing the right type of Projectors on Rent will endow you with the best results as it will give you clear and bright resolution. The most chosen size of the screen falls in the range between 100 to 200 inches. Below are the most popular aspect ratios:

  • 1: 1 Aspect Ratio - Square
  • 4:9 Aspect Ratio - Video
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio - HD TV
  • 16:10 Aspect Ratio - Widescreen PC
  • 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio - Cinema

Among the hordes of names which have been engaged in the Rental Services, choosing NexGen Audio Visual would be the wisest decision as we house a qualified batch of professionals who will take care of every little detail of equipment to ensure the smooth execution of your event. So, If you want your event to run in the supervision of professionals, visit us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are various types of projectors available on rent and have different rents but in general a normal projectors starts from INR 750 per day. If a projector is required on monthly basis rent then charges are very nominal.

There are different brands of projectors but the best model can be decided as per your needs, like where you are using the projector and what is the area of that space.

Resolution of the projector is the clarity of picture or video according to the area of the projection. There are some standard projectors with different resolution formats

  • VGA Resolution - 640 X 480 Pixels
  • XGA Resolution - 1024 X 768 Pixels
  • WXGA Resolution - 1280 X 800 Pixels
  • HD Resolution - 1920 X 1080 Pixels
  • 4K Resolution - 3840 X 2160 Pixels

Best resolution can be decided according to the need, so you can call us and we can help you decide the best resolution according to your requirements.

can consider these aspects for understanding your need for the projectors

  • Number of people
  • Area of the projection
  • Lumens
  • Screen Size
  • Brand

We offer all the major brands of projectors on rent and to name them, here is the list

  • Epson
  • Cannon
  • Benq
  • Hitachi
  • LG
  • Sharp
  • Casio
  • Panasonic
  • Sony

These are the best projectors globally - Sony, Sharp, Banq and Hitachi

For dark rooms or halls 1000 to 1200 lumens is sufficient but for bigger classrooms and conference rooms 2500 lumens or more is better.

Yes, we not only provide projectors, we also offer projector’s accessories and technical support.

We at Nexgen Audio Visual offer a wide range of electronic items on rent with utmost ease and technical support. You can hire these things on rent from Nexgen

  • PA Systems on rent
  • Sound systems on rent
  • LED Walls on rent
  • LED TVs on rent

If you inform us a day before, it will reach the destination on time given, we can also send you the projector in a few hours, depending on its availability and your location.

You have to provide a valid ID proof and then you do not need to deposit any security deposit for long term rentals. For a single day, we send our technical staff and then you even don't need to submit any document.

We have an exclusive range of PA System, Sound system on Rent at a competitive and affordable price for Free Consultations & Quote Please Call Us Now @ 98116 23325